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Read this before you buy a ticket!

Without being able to verify vaccination status, the high rate of infection among the unvaccinated and the impossibility of ensuring social distancing on our buses, we will not be running to Chicago this Labor Day. We wanted to be back fulltime by now but without ensuring the safety of our passengers, we will only do charters, and private transportation until Thanksgiving.


After checkout, your credit card statement will show a charge from "Bus to Chicago".

 Unless they are advertised as such on the web-page, there are no "one way" tickets sold except through special, pre-approved arrangements. Round trip tickets are only good for the weekend purchased. This keeps us from over-selling any return trip. You can buy as many round trips as you want, IN BIG LOTS or one at a time.

NO REFUNDS, we'll issue credit only for another trip on another SPACE AVAILABLE date.

We try to run a very punctual schedule and the bus will not wait for late arrivals. Someday soon there will be a GPS tracking page so you can keep an eye on where the bus actually is. Until then just don't be late. We try to inform passengers if the bus is seriously delayed because of traffic or bad weather. IF SERIOUS DELAYS OCCUR, keep an eye on Facebook, check your emails or call 618 521-5207 and listen to any recorded announcements.

Passengers have to follow the federal laws that prohibit smoking and open containers of alcohol. We cannot transport hazardous materials, firearms or illegal drugs.

Please restrict yourself to two pieces of luggage and two small carry-on bags. Please, no garbage bags full of stuff under the bus. Use real luggage or a sealed box.

The driver and "Bus to Chicago" has the absolute right to cancel or delay any trip in either direction because of what may be determined to be dangerous weather. Again, passengers will be informed through Facebook, via email or call 618-521-5207 and follow directions on the recording.

Be kind to your fellow passengers. "Bus to Chicago" is supposed to be a fun, safe, economical and reliable service. If any passengers keep it from being this way he or she OR THEY will be asked to get off the bus and if necessary arrested by local or state authorities at the point of removal. Intentional damage to the motor coach will have a similar result. Please leave the stupid stuff behind and just have a great trip north and back.

"Bus to Chicago" is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage, injury resulting from the actions of any other passenger, financial or any other loss resulting from any circumstances that may occur while on the bus.

Seating aboard vehicles operated by "Bus To Chicago" in interstate or intrastate commerce is without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin.

We appreciate you going through all that! Check out at the ticket booth below.

Thanks A lot from Bus to Chicago!

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